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How do we work?

The SRF is not a formal organisation, nor does it have powers to direct its members. At the highest level, the SRF provides a mechanism for Chief Officers of responder agencies to agree on the coordination, information sharing and cooperation of individual areas so that a subsequent multi-agency response and recovery is:

  • Risk based.
  • Pre-planned.
  • Embedded within individual area Business/Service Plans.
  • Allocated appropriate and trained resources.
  • Exercised at appropriate levels and frequency.
  • Validated from an internal and external perspective.
  • Flexible to respond to changing environments or emergency situations.
  • Cost effective and community focused.

Detailed partnership work is undertaken via the regular fortnightly working days, ‘Working on Wednesdays’ (WOW), by all local responders and through a limited number of Working Groups. In any year changes to priorities for work are consensually agreed by the SRF.

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