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What is the Suffolk Resilience Forum?

The Suffolk Resilience Forum (SRF) is a multi-agency group that provides strategic and operational guidance and support on the planning for multi-agency responses to a major incident.

The SRF is the principal mechanism for multi-agency cooperation under the Civil Contingencies Act, 2004 and its boundaries are based on local policing boundaries.

We are a non-statutory organisation and a partner agency is required to host the secretariat team. Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service are our hosting agency and the SRF sits within the Risk and Resilience structure of the service.

The secretariat team is made up of:

  • SRF Partnership Manager
  • 2 x Risk & Resilience Officers

SRF Partnership Manager reports to the SRF Chair.


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Business Plan 2021/22

SRF Chair

The role of the SRF Chair rotates every 12 – 18 months between the Police, Fire, County, District & Borough Local Authority leads.

Jon Lacey is the current SRF Chair alongside being the Chief Fire Officer for Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) and Executive Director of Public Safely.

Jon leads Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service with over 30 years’ experience across different services, he also leads Trading Standards and Suffolk’s Joint Emergency Planning Unit (JEPU).

During his career he has worked as a National Resilience and National Flood Rescue Tactical Adviser, alongside assessing, and responding to overseas disasters as part of the UK response. Over the past decade he has worked closely within the UK civil resilience capability at tactical and strategic levels. More recently Jon is the Chair for the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) for the Air Transportation Group.

Speaking of the work of the Suffolk Resilience Forum, Jon said:

“This is a key role in our county, where I will work hard to support an already effective, engaging, resilience forum full of great partnership working.  Key to our work will be planning, exercising, and response, these are all important areas for us to focus on, I look forward to making sure I play my part in delivering our Suffolk is prepared motto”.

Our Vision

‘The Suffolk Resilience Forum (SRF) aims to ensure Suffolk is prepared for civil emergencies.

We provide a routine partnership forum of responder agencies to maximise positive effects of integrated emergency management’


SRF Mission Statement

‘Our mission is to facilitate the coordination and co-operation of Suffolk responders. We aid in the development of integrated multi-agency response and recovery arrangements to manage the implications of natural and man-made risks in Suffolk.’

Our Objectives

  • To promote cooperation between organisations in their preparation for response to a major emergency.
  • To promote collaborative, cross-organisation training and exercise programmes, integrating this practice into the preparations of individual organisations.
  • To provide a forum for the consideration of emergency response issues where more than one agency could be implicated.
  • To support agreed courses of action where mutual benefit has been identified.
  • To provide an opportunity for the exchange of information.
  • To risk assess hazards within and to Suffolk.

Several agencies and organisations come together to form the Suffolk Resilience Forum, all with the common aim of ensuring that Suffolk is prepared for emergencies.

The voices of each individual organisation in providing strategic and operational guidance diversifies the scope of our knowledge, enabling the forum to perform its functions effectively.

The partnership consists of two groups of organisations that may be involved in an emergency response. We also work with other organisations who are not categorised under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 such as Military and voluntary organisations, who are listed under ‘other agencies’.

Category 1 and 2 Responder organisations work;

  • Locally
  • Regionally
  • Nationally

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