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Event Safety

What is a Safety Advisory Group?

Local Authorities in Suffolk, along with partner organisations, routinely hold ‘Safety Advisory Group’ meetings to review public events. These may be for large scale events including the Suffolk Show and Newmarket Races, or smaller events such as local carnivals or an organised swim event for charity.

The safety advisory group does not have statutory powers. However, any regulation of the event will be carried out under the primary legislation of the individual representative organisations.

Safety advisory groups are not part of the event planning team. The safety of persons attending the event will always remain the responsibility of the event organiser and venue owner.

When is a Safety Advisory Group needed?

  • If an event planner is new to hosting an event, or if there may be licensable activities or restrictions.
  • If there are possible clashes with events competing for the same resources.
  • If the event may have unintended consequences for the local community or traffic management on the county’s roads.

Attending a Safety Advisory Group may also be necessary depending on the anticipated numbers, activities offered, location, or risk of the event.

Where an event includes more than one local authority, the event planners may additionally be asked to attend a Suffolk Events Safety Advisory Group meeting (SESAG).

How do I contact my local Safety Advisory Group?

For more information and guidance for planning an event, or to contact your local Safety Advisory Group, please follow the below links:


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