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What is ‘Business Continuity’?

Business Continuity is the process that an organisation puts into place to ensure that essential activities can continue during an emergency or disaster. It also aids recovery so that a normal level of operation can be returned to as quickly as possible after any disruption. Business continuity planning is considerably more widespread in larger organisations, with a serious gap in small to medium sized enterprises and voluntary organisations. Unfortunately, it is often the smaller organisations who struggle to recover and continue trading after major disasters, so it is those who may benefit most from the information on this site.

Please Note: The information given in this Business Continuity Guidance is provided as general information about planning for business disruption. It is not intended to replace detailed guidance and planning specific to you and your business. You should consider whether you need to obtain this.


If you need any further assistance or advice please contact:

Jon Southgate, Business Continuity Manager, Suffolk Joint Emergency Planning Unit


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