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Making a Household Plan

What is a Household Plan?

There are lots of different types of emergencies. But every emergency can result in potential disruption to your life or leave you isolated from immediate help.

A Household Plan is a useful tool to help you deal quickly and effectively with emergencies or a stressful situation within the home. Involve your whole family in writing the plan to help them prepare too.

What do you need to consider when making a Household Plan?
  • Agree a place to meet if you can’t get into, or stay in, your home
  • Consider who will collect your children from school if you can’t get there
  • Think about which neighbours you may need to check in on
  • Take a note of how to turn off the gas, water, and electricity supplies in your home
  • Agree where or who you and your family can stay with if you are evacuated
  • Think about who could collect medicine and supplies if you are unable to leave your home
  • What items will go in your ‘Get Prepared Bag’
  • Consider who can look after your pets if you are unable to
  • Make a note of local radio stations
    • BBC Radio Suffolk 103.9FM (Use 104.6FM if in West Suffolk)
    • Heart Suffolk – Norfolk and North Suffolk 102.4FM
    • Heart Suffolk – Bury St. Edmunds 96.4FM
    • Heart Suffolk – Ipswich 97.1FFM
    • BBC Radio 4 92-95FM, 103-105FM
Get prepared

You can download a copy of our household plan here.

We recommend printing this household plan and taking the time to fill it out with your loved ones to ensure that everyone is familiar with the plan.

Remember, this is a guide and there may be more things you’d like to add to the plan.


Get Prepared